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Detalles, descripción u otra informacion de la mentoria. On a cold Christmas night, Danielle's insensitivity and her selfish attitude lead her Grandmother to tell her about The Workhouse. The tale transports us to Victorian/ Edwardian-era London, when industrialization prevailed and children had to work hard and help their parents. This story, based on actual events, teaches us how the power that comes from optimism, tenacity and compassion can define our lives. The workhouse was a government institution that from the end of the fourteenth until the beginning of the 20th century provided shelter to millions of indigent people in the United Kingdom. While in 1930 workhouses officially closed their doors in most localities, some of them remained operative under different names until the late twentieth century. Today one in ten people of English heritage have some connection with this institution where more than five million people died because of mistreatment. The famous actor Charlie Chaplin, his mother and daughter were among the millions of British people who suffered the horrors of "shelter" under the roof of this cold and cruel institution.

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